Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moving Trees is Hard Work

Recently a group of us volunteers went to a primary school to teach health and fitness and I was able to teach square foot gardening. The children as well as the teachers at this school are quite amazing. I was explaining that they would need a frame for their garden and while most people use metal sheets or spare timber, I looked out the window during their recess break to see the sixth grade children rolling coconut tree trunks across the field to use as their garden frame. I was thoroughly impressed and continued to be impressed as the children listened to everything I taught them and answered with prompt action. They rolled tree trunks, shoveled dirt, cut down sticks, planted the seeds, and finally watered the garden. The watering may sound like the easiest part however their hose hookup was not working so while one child held up a very heavy jug of water, another had to help balance the first child and splash the water so as to spread it evenly throughout the garden and not wash away the seeds. It is hard to explain but basically it was a very difficult task but once again the students rose to the occasion. Later I learned that this school is the poorest in its area and recieves the bare minimum from the government. They have told us multiple times how grateful they are for our service there and for the time we spend with their students.

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