Sunday, August 15, 2010


So here in Fiji we have been teaching english to the boys at the vielomani boys home in Ba. It is both a school for boys that dropped out of the regular school system and a home for neglected boys. The english classes are so fun. i never thought i would ever be a teacher, but teaching these boys made me think that its not a bad option for me. There has been some improvement in their english skills as well, which is exciting to see. After the school day they all line up in military fashion and sing a song to us about how we are all apart of God's family. It really puts things into perspective that we are all one big family. We also tutor the boys that actually live in the home.They are so fun and often break out into Justin Beiber songs. Being able to help these boys over come their challenges and live successful lives has been very rewarding indeed.

we also have been teaching some fitness classes to the villages and schools. It is a blast to work out with these people and it is funny at times. its not in their culture to do much exercise so it is good to see them get out of their comfort bubble and learn some ways to be more healthy. I also teach taekwondo and have been having fun teaching some of the kids some kicks and things. they love that kind of stuff out here. Its a big hit.

- Robert Mann

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