Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bula Vinaka

Second Wave has arrived, bringing some new blood into the mix and spicing things up a bit. Everyone has been put into their respective projects and enthusiasm is boundless.

The Business team means business as they are heading into new areas. They have found that there are some aspects of the Fijian culture that are different from the American style of business, and so they are adapting lessons to fit with the Fijian’s needs and address the Fijian culture. Some of our business students have really taken to book keeping, which is a big step and the business team is thrilled.

The Gardening team rocks, says Ben, one of the project leads. In Nadolodolo there are more than ten gardens that have been started. One of the men there watched the DVD we gave him and has since built an elevated garden. Needless to say that he exceeded expectations and the team is anxious to see how his garden will continue.

The Hospital Health team is planning for World Population Day (theme: Educate Women, Eradicate Poverty). The plans so far include going into four different schools and teaching girls that they have a choice in life and that they are powerful.

In the villages the Village Health team is focusing on teaching hygiene and women’s health.

The School team is looking to expand. They are already working in two schools, two villages, and a library. They are setting up peer tutoring in the schools and hope that the programs work.

Yaladro continues to be a favorite project for everyone. The women and men there are eating up the health lessons.

The Emergency Prep team is going to Suva on Friday to check up on Dr. Frost Steele’s food drier project. They are preparing interview questions and hope to find out more about emergency preparation in Fiji so that more projects can develop from there.

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